Why YOU Should Start An Online Business in 2019

Booyah! What’s going on everybody Bernardo Asare here and today I want to talk to you about the top three reasons why you should consider building an online business okay and if you stay to the end I have an extra reason that no one is absolutely talking about okay so make sure you stay till the end. alright let’s get started so the first one of course is having the flexibility and freedom of time okay so when you build an online business okay you literally have the freedom to put your laptop in your backpack and travel around anywhere in the world that you like okay okay so far as there’s a strong internet connection okay that should be said, alright also when you build an online business we tie back to the freedom of time you can actually decide what time to work and what time not to work right whereas if you’re working for someone else you have to you know wake up about 6:00 a.m. and put in their work you know go to work at 9:00 a.m.

But if you build an online business you can decide to you know wake up about 10 11 12 and maybe like stay up till like still during the night to work on your online business right so you have the flexibility and freedom of time right this one is also huge for me personally right because many of you don’t know but I was born and raised in Ghana right so I have family members back home and I would love to go back and visit them right so if I build my online business I can literally pick up my laptop throw it into my backpack grab a couple of things hop on an airplane and fly back home and see my family so building an online business give me that flexibility to do that whereas if I’m working for someone right I will have to you know put in two months notice one month notice or even two weeks notice right and even work that there’s still some constraint right so that is number one number two on my list is passion and impact okay some of you have passion to help a certain group of people right your passion will light a fire in your gut and drive you right so if you have a passion for a specific thing you should consider you know building an online business to help those people right and when you do that you have the ability and the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of people thousands of people and even millions of people right .

So that is the power of building your own online business right the third one on my list is passive income okay this is the internet’s favorite right everyone wants to build passive income right but I’m not talking about the get-rich-quick scheme and all that stuff right that is not what we do here understand okay this is the Action Takers Movement right all right let’s get to it so what I’m talking about is active passive income right so you might ask Bernard what is active passive income okay so here’s how I put it okay so if you want to have that passive income what I’m talking about it’s put it in the work upfront right so put it in the work at the start so that you can enjoy your passive income later right for example let’s say you build an online course right and you’re helping like a certain group of people with a particular and specific problem that they have right so you spend probably like two weeks you know writing all the sales scripts and everything first been like a week or two shooting all the videos way also have to build a website build a landing pages build the ads you put in a lot of work at the start right but once you done with all of that that’s when the passive income kicks in all right so let’s say you go to bed around 9:00 p.m.

I go to sleep you sleepy ha ha having fun right and someone else go to your website at like 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. right that person has the ability to purchase your course right and when that person is doing that you are not there actively selling that person you might be sleeping or you know traveling around the world on doing you know spending time with our family right but because you put in in the work upfront, you have the ability to literally make money online while you sleep right so you probably go to bed and wake up in the morning see some notifications on phone and receipts coming in why you sleep right because you put it in the work upfront and then reaping the benefit of the work that you put in right so that that is the third one the bonus one that I’m going to give it to you is the opportunity to grow okay this is one one of the big big big one that no one is talking about okay.

So maybe you have a goal right let’s say you want to make like ten thousand dollars a month, twenty thousand dollars a month the person that you currently are right now cannot achieve that goal let me say that again the person that right now cannot achieve that goal your pursuit of the goal is what qualifies you for the goal right so in order to get you to $20,000 a month like thirty thousand dollars a month, or whatever your goal is, you have to grow as a person right you have to you’re going to be facing like a lot of obstacles you’re going to be facing a lot of challenges right so there are literally times that you feel like quitting right there will be a lot of problem that will come your way but if you put your head down put in the work push through and put in the hard work you will be able to achieve that goal right so when you get to that goal the process that you go through to achieve that goal it’s the exponential growth that you’ll be going through so in order to get to that goal you have to go to our process you have to grow as a person in order to hit that goal right so the process you go through helps you to grow and this is one of like life’s biggest hack like it’s a big hack because most entrepreneurs just think about the money right but once the process that you go through to get to the money help you as a person to also grow mentally physically and everything occurs you know you go through challenges and once you become you know you go over and once you hit all all the challenges on you you crush all of them and achieve your goal you grow as a person right alright so that is it for today one thing that I also want to talk to you about so if you want to build your online business right my personal mentor right my mentor who is a 7 figure earner businessman right has an opportunity he has free four part training series like the link will be in the description below so click on it and he’ll give you a step-by-step blueprint on how you can also build your online business okay already so that is it for today and remember keep your goals away from the trolls see you in the next video

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