SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

Hello everyone, I am Maile Ohye, the technical director of the Google Developer Program. It was in 2005 Joined Google and worked with our search team and webmaster tools team. but, If I am a consultant for your new website, here are all the suggestions I would like to give you in less than 10 minutes. This communication is mainly aimed at companies whose main website content is less than 50 pages. And for those sites that are looking for ways to improve rankings for thousands of irrelevant keywords, such as e-commerce sites. Or news sites, you may need to invest more time in SEO (search engine optimization). Well, the purpose of my communication is, As much as possible, in the most efficient way, to provide you with the basic knowledge you need to help you identify yourself Did not do something completely wrong, and finally provide you with more relevant information. The first thing you have to do about your domain name is to decide Website visitors see the www. version or not the version of www.

At this point Your 301 redirect will redirect users from your non-preferred version to the preferred version. In fact, many big companies now, For example, Google and Facebook will keep the “www.” version, but you have The right to free choice. We use 301 instead of 302 because 301 is a permanent redirect, in this way it can send signals to applications such as search engines. Thereby transferring all indexes from the source to the target. The next step is Verify your site ownership in Webmaster Tools.


The reason why I say this is not because of me. Working with this team, but I think it is really important to do so. I encourage everyone to sign up to receive relevant emails (Translator’s Note: Using Webmaster Tools Chinese Video: Forward the message. Email forwarding allows Google to send you any message about you at any time, such as when We believe that your site may be hacked or we believe that your site contains malware or we I’m having trouble crawling your site and when we’ve found a lot of inaccessible URLs. All related to this Messages will go to Google Webmaster Tools, and if you have mail forwarding enabled, You can also forward these messages directly to the inbox you check every day. My other suggestion is, Do a background check on your domain name. For example, if it used to be Spam, then your rankings will not be very good now. A good way to do a domain name check is Check if there are any keywords in your webmaster tools about your site. What you don’t want. Alternatively, you can perform a search on your domain name to see your site.

Is there an index? If you find any issues, you can refer to the webmaster provided at this URL. The guide is resolved. If you are punished or re-reviewed and this whole process If you have any questions, check out my friend Tiffany Oberoi’s excellent interview record here. I want to emphasize here. Is the “Fetch as Google” feature in Webmaster Tools. This is a very good feature because, If you give us a URL, we will perform a Googlebot crawl and you will see it clearly. Have we made the appropriate redirects and what we specifically downloaded. This function On the other hand, I think it is very practical, that is, you can tell us, Not only will the URL be crawled, but the URL will also be requested to be indexed. This way, no matter when you update The entire process can be triggered by Google or by creating a brand new page.

My next suggestion is to use Website analysis tools, whether it’s Google Analytics or other web analytics tools. Now you will want to start collecting this data, even if you are not ready to use it: because once you hire someone else to help you optimize your site, then you’d better have the ability to collect some historical information about your website. Next is the website design, no doubt, You definitely want to create great content for all visitors to your site and for users with different personalities. Use the experience. So you have to take into account your customers, your investors, and what they will see. Content, even taking into account the news media. When it comes to website strategy, ask some questions about usability. For example: Can our website design meet the needs of each user? Every user has got it Good experience? In terms of navigation, if a searcher logs in to a subpage, this is common in search results.

They don’t log in directly to your homepage every time, can they figure out where is your current location? Can they easily navigate to where they want to go? Another problem is that the focus of your website is clear. For visitors, does each page contain obvious Logical theme? A common problem with new websites is that because your time and resources are very tight, As you gather more and more information, you will add this information to Existing web pages, so that these pages become extremely long, users have to scroll the mouse to view. However, contrary to this, You might want to consider your own website design to see if you should break up long pages into separate pages. The next step is especially helpful for creating new sites, which is to define your conversion rate, such as conversion rate. It can be to let visitors register your website, or to contact the person in charge of business development.

Or try your product, you will want to implement possible related conversions on each page. It’s like a call to action, rather than forcing users to make extra clicks. When it comes to the information on your website Naturally contain relevant keywords in your text, or actual information on each page It is a good practice. These keywords are similar to the average person used to find your product. Or the query term of your business. For example, a company may claim to be Is selling sports shoes, but in the actual content, it is best to include something like “running shoes” People may also search for words.

One thing I want to say is that the material on your web page is used to answer questions that may be asked by visitors or users of the website. For example, does the product have a good reputation? Maybe show comments or let other users comment. Or, if a user asks, “If the product has no effect,” you should explain the customer satisfaction to the user. policy. Each page should contain a unique theme, one that can be displayed in search results Unique title, a unique meta description that may appear as a summary, This is the best practice for non-dynamic sites; however, include keywords in filenames Also very good, in lowercase letters, separated by a hyphen. Of course, you also need to set a descriptive for each link. Anchor text, whether you are making an internal connection or connecting to another website outside. The anchor text listed below Some improvements should be made: “To learn more about our product specifications, please click here.” “Click here” is not a very descriptive statement.

A better way to express it is, for example, “For more information, Please read our product specifications. This is the goal you want to achieve. In this regard, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) website A good example: every page on the site has a unique theme with a unique title and Descriptive anchor text that shows these search results for NASA. Now, not only will the search results show up NASA’s home page also displays the generated website links. These sites are algorithmized by Google Arrange the display, but they will also be influenced by the excellent website design, with a unique title, and Efficient anchor text. Next I will probably talk about some potential pitfalls. For example, please don’t use black hat SEO Or suspicious SEO. Don’t believe it even if they vowed to guarantee their ranking! Please don’t order Pass PageRank and join any link plan or purchase link. Finally, I know that I have a beautifully designed design.

The website feels good, but try not to spend precious energy and resources on the fancy look of the site, and forget Develop indexable, searchable text. Another thing to consider about your website is The loading time of the web page. I noticed that many new websites don’t necessarily have time to concentrate on this issue. However, what we need to understand is that Akamai’s research on e-commerce sites It was found that the maximum load time acceptable for an e-commerce site was 2 seconds. At Google, Our goal is to reduce this time to less than 0.5 seconds. In general, the longer the page load takes, The more likely a user is to leave. Now let’s talk about the ranking problem. For example, you have to Your company name is ranked, and you want to be ranked first in the website link.

If you want to rank other words, You can use the Search Query feature in Webmaster Tools. I have placed this link before, but here This link address is a video about how to use webmaster tools. Chinese video: ( For new websites, It may happen that no one searches for your new product or service at all, so your query volume Very low. At this time, you can prioritize through existing forums, Blog or social media sites to find potential audiences or communities. To know, In order to get a good ranking and stay ahead, you need to provide a truly excellent product or service.

Then, public relations promotion. Webmasters of new websites often ask me questions about social media marketing and whether they should invest their time to participate. How do you say that I think the main reason for social media is that social media is not only Able to win a large number of users through search, and also be able to truly diversify your approach. Gives you access to visitors from different sources. But here are some tips to pay attention to. First of all, Think about the problem as a whole. You may create an identity on the main website and then participate. But remember, Your ultimate goal is to connect users to a jump entry. So please consider The entire user experience process that jumps directly from a social media site to your website. In addition, It’s pretty obvious: focus your energy on where your audience visits.

Finally, be sure to make the most of it. Your true advantage, your company has limited resources, which is inevitable. and so, If your CEO likes Weibo, let them continue Weibo; if your sales staff is very I like to play with the community, which is also very good; it is also possible that your developers have joined Google+ or Stack Overflow, let them interact with the communities on these sites on behalf of your company. The last thing I want to say is that even with excellent advertising and excellent marketing, There will still be important changes on your website.

So please stay tuned and make sure you Always ready. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me, thank you! .

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