Pro And Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of generating income online. It basically involves promoting products for other people as an affiliate. Your work is to direct clients to a product’s sales page. Commissions are paid when a person that was directed to the sales page makes a purchase. There are certain pro and cons associated with affiliated marketing.


There are numerous pros that are associated with affiliate marketing, the notable ones are as follows:

No investment – Affiliate marketing does not require one to create products that involves the use of money, time and effort. People just have to sign up for affiliate programs to access links that they place on their website. This means that an affiliate begins making profits from the very first sale they make.

Income potential – Affiliates might be paid just a small fraction of the sale but when complex products or numerous clients are involved, high volume sales can be realized. This allows affiliates to generate substantial income, particularly when they are promoting many products from an array of merchants.

Customer service – Customer service is usually a demanding task, but affiliate marketing frees you of that responsibility. This is because prospective clients visit the sales page where they make the purchase. This means that the merchant is charged with the responsibility of handling any inquiry and even complaint.

Complimentary products – People who create their own products and sell them can deal in other complementary products as well. This is beneficial in that it provides an additional source of income.


There are a few limitations that affiliate marketing experiences, they include the following:

Loss of control – Affiliate marketing is characterized by a lack of control over numerous things. Some of these include sales page, updates, price and features. When some of these aspects are mishandled, they can have detrimental effects to one’s reputation as well as their business.

Competition – Many affiliates might be promoting a similar product, and this makes it quite difficult to get the attention of prospective clients. This kind of competition might be bad for business.

Product selection – Selecting a good product is very important in affiliate marketing in order to achieve success. This can be an uphill task due to the high number of products that are available on the market today. Therefore, adequate research is required before a decision to join this form of marketing can be made.

Customer is the seller’s – Affiliate marketing is based on assisting the merchant to make sales. The affiliate will get a one-time payment for his/her efforts, but the merchant will continue to make money from repeated sales in the future. Therefore, affiliates fail to benefit from future sales.


The above insightful information shows some of the pro and cons of affiliate marketing that have to be keenly assessed before an informed decision can be made on whether to participate or not. Nonetheless, if approached well, affiliate marketing is an excellent source of residual income that can go a long way in such tough economic times.

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