JVZoo – Two Sides of the Coin

JVZoo is an online platform for sellers to list, promote and sell their digital products. As a marketing strategy, affiliate marketing is a major player when fully implemented. You have over 21 categories you can select from when marketing digital products on JVZoo.

Normally every business has a bright and dull side that anyone involved has to come to terms with. Here are the Pro and Cons of JVZoo.


• Zero cost

To be an affiliate or to sell your products, you are not required to pay any fee.

• Prompt payments

After you initiate a sale as an affiliate marketer, your PayPal account is instantly credited. However, according to the terms and conditions of PayPal, some vendors wait before remitting payment in case of any chargebacks.

• Saves Affiliate cookies

If you create a lead by referring a client to any JVZoo product, the site saves your cookies and if a purchase is initiated by the referral later, you will still get paid for the sale.

• Fat commissions

Most vendors or product companies offer their affiliates commissions as high as 50% since distributing digital items and products cost virtually nothing at all.

• A great selection

Having over 21 niches to select from, you are guaranteed a variety of niches to select from and advance your affiliate marketing field.


• Counterfeits exist here too

It may appear a good marketing site for digital products but finding counterfeit products among the genuine and highly branded versions is easy. You need to have a keen eye for details to discover the best from the trash that exists on JVZoo.

• Need for an application to be an affiliate

For you to be an affiliate of a specific product, you need to make an application to the vendor or mother-company before you can be permitted to market their products. Vendors and original owner of products have a right to accept or reject your application.

• Presence of Upsells

Almost all products on JVZoo have upsells that they offer and most prospective clients find this overwhelming. Takes up lots of time to search up and find products you have purchased.

• Numerous refund claims from buyers

Most products sold online are not refunded for no matter the happenings. On this platform, the number of clients demanding refunds is high. As a policy of the site, refunds should be made in the event of a genuine complaint. Vendors who are cautious hold the affiliate’s payment until the refund policy duration is over to prevent chances of any chargebacks on PayPal. If a client requests a refund before the refund policy time elapses, as an affiliate you don’t get paid.

Despite going through the Pro and Cons of JVZoo, don’t be put off. This online platform is legit and can be a perfect revenue generating site for you.

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