Is It Too Late To Get Started with Affiliate Marketing (5 TIPS)

Is it too late to get started with affiliate marketing? Maybe you’ve just got started or maybe you’ve trying this for a few years and you’re thinking it’s just not working. Maybe it’s just too late for me well make sure to stay tuned to this video, because I’m going to share with you some lessons, I’ve learned and how you can get started today with affiliate marketing.

Welcome to the channel make sure to LIKE and subscribe and comment below that you’re new to the tribe. My name is Stacia Kennedy. I am a mom. I am an affiliate marketing coach. I am literally obsessive about lead generation, software’s tools, everything that you need to grow. An online business, if you’re wanting to make passive income online, then you are in the right channel. This is a vaca Leia Kennedy, say hi and today we’re gon na talk about lessons that you need to know about, because it’s not too late. Is it too late? No, it’s not too late to get started; it’s not it. You might think it’s saturated, but everyone has a new spin on everything, and I want to give you five lessons. Five, quick tips that you need to know about when getting started with affiliate marketing.


Number 1. You need to pick a niche. You say pick a niche pick, a niche comment below pick a niche. It’S very important, not just to do videos about you know how to make money online. Maybe you have never made a dollar online. Well, you want to pick a niche that you know about. Hopefully you know something about it or if you don’t know about it, you can also interview other people who are that you want to be known. You know you want to align yourself with people who are already doing it in the niche. So number one pick a niche, so you can definitely position yourself as someone who is an expert, even if you’re, not an expert, if you interview people and become the reporter. So pick a niche which goes into picking an offer for an affiliate marketing to work.

Number 2: You need to pick an offer that you want to promote, write, save pick an offer, pick an offer and then Number 3 pick a platform – you tube. Yes, YouTube is like the best platform. Do you like you to see you to see you to do tube? You can also you know Facebook. I started off with Facebook, say Facebook, there’s Instagram, there’s all kinds of different platforms, pick one that you really want to be known for pick one that you’re comfortable with I like doing videos. So you know I haven’t always been good at videos. I still I’m not that great at videos, but I try my best trying to give you guys some really really good value with these videos. I’M thinking it through a little more and doing a little bit more research. So I can give you the best value in these videos so pick a platform. I’M really focusing on YouTube, though I am very active on Facebook as well, and then traffic, which is part of the traffic source, like you want to any platform that you pick whether it’s Facebook YouTube or you know, Instagram, you want to drive the traffic into a Email list and build your list and have that traffic source be able to put your offers in front of the right people and then last but not least, literally just get obsessed get obsessed, get a mentor.


If that’s something that you really want to catapult your business. It’S going to help you out, that’s what I’ve done in the past and I still have mentors, and I have a influencer marketing mini course as well with for you that you can go through that. Go in-depth with these five lessons and I’ll actually introduce you to one of my mentors and I can also be a mentor for you as well too. So if you want to learn more, so you want to learn more learn more go to the link below in the description and grab my free affiliate, marketing answer course. All right, we’ll see you on the next video. If you have any questions, let me know, but you could also make sure watch some of my other videos, because they’re great for people who are getting started or for people who are just kind of stuck – and you really want to like – take your affiliate marketing business To the next level, all right yeah, it was ready, it was a great intro. So thanks for watching much love and aloha and we’ll see you in the next video