How to Use TikTok for Business Marketing

And now a rap from Aaron. What are we doing? Sorry guys on today’s episode, we’re gon na talk about. Can you really do some marketing on TikTok. Hola friends and welcome to another episode of tip for tip where you, the business owner, asked us marketing questions in exchange for a tip in your industry? My name is Aaron. My name is Christian, and today we have Mykel Thomas with Extra Ordinary Events and Catering.

My name is Michael Thomas and I am the owner of Extra Ordinary Events and Catering in Frisco Texas. My question is, how do I use TikTok for marketing purposes? Alright, so this is actually not a typical way that we answer this question, so we do want to answer your question, but also kind of pivot. To where is your audience, and I feel like both Christian, and I feel like that. The best use of this video is to explain or to elaborate on some other areas that you could use to generate more business versus just using stuff like TikTok, which is a great platform for you, know, Generation, Z and the these those tweens.

However, the things that are going on there you as far as like marketing yourself, it’s not really tangible and advertising there doesn’t necessarily make sense either. This is in recording in May of 2019. So our answer make change in the next three or four years, but right now I don’t think that it’s really a platform. That’S the best use of your actual time to generate real business. Real leads real customers, long-term yeah. I think I think the first thing for you specifically would be to create a just a better brand around what you have to offer and and make sure that you showcase that, through through the website, I think you’re using Weebly right now with the website. And here are some things that could be: you know changed throughout the website to make it a lot better, like user friendly and just to match your brand, your personality a little bit better and then beyond that, then moving on to your pillar, social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and and really kill it there and have a have a good, strong social, social media content strategy and go from there. I think TikTok, maybe down the road, will be be a good option or something to do it.


But right now I would definitely focus on those things as far as some other business owners that are watching and want to know a little bit more about TikTok, like Aaron, said the dominant audience right there, it’s those 16 to 24, maybe 25 year olds, who are Using it for fun, he said, essentially, I think one of the the good. There are two ways that you can go about this when it comes to sort of advertising are using TikTok as a marketing tool would be to go the influence or route or go the original content route right now, very small, not small, but a small number of Brands have actually been successful with either of those two things just because it’s very hard there’s, no necessarily marketing or advertising platform on it right now. Eventually, I think they will introduce something to it where advertisers can come in and create ads for that. But right now it’s just be you creating a an account with TikTok and creating original content, maybe creating some sort of hashtag challenge and and then going that way or doing the influencer route, where, if it makes sense for your business, maybe you’re selling a product that Teenagers like to wear – maybe you were selling some kind of new crazy watch airpods or some new airpods or whatever, then that might be a good route to use influencer influencer marketing through TikTok, maybe creating some kind of hashtag challenge or something I don’t know.

But you would have to definitely start using the app as a business owner. If you want to start getting into into TikTok, you would definitely have to start using the app and use it regularly. So you understand how people are using it right now. There’S a lot of viral content, essentially within contained within the app, and you would have to understand that culture in order to really be successful with it yeah. And there are a lot of memes that we see later on. Other social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, or and something that all originated from TikTok. So you could be ahead of a lot of trends and use those trends as well, but as far as tangible, like okay, I’m gon na get a customer this month. Don’T think that that’s necessarily the route I personally would go all-in on Instagram.

We did try your food and was absolutely amazing. So Christian was not in the office long story, but the food was absolutely amazing and I don’t think that your marketing matches your food yet, but just using videos. I would honestly DM you know five ten people a day and ask them if they want a discount or if they would like free samples and you’ll deliver free samples. That kind of hustle of like messaging people and saying who you are what you’d like to do? Give them a free sample and if they you know they like it, then you can be right there to talk to them about taking a potential catering order in the future, but also just partnering with other people as well. So your catering business and you don’t do baking partnering with others, people who do like baking for and if you do wedding events or places like that, a lot of times.

They want catering food and they also want like desserts. So that could be a really good synergy partner. For you two, I would message as many of those people as well, and those are things that you can actually do. Right now takes a little bit of time and you can get real results, whereas TikTok you can spend ten or fifteen percent of your time on it, and you know in the next couple of years. Maybe you do have some really cool stuff going on there, but tangible business advice or tangible business assets like cash or clients. I think that Instagram specifically, would probably be your best route cool all right.

Let’S hear your tip for us Make sure any caterer you decide to work with, is communication friendly and is more than willing to walk you through every aspect of your event, big or small. No question is silly and there’s never too many questions. Our job is to make you feel comfortable and keep you informed Mykel. Thank you for coming on our show, and I completely agree with you. Communication is key for any business, all right, and so today’s question of the day, if you are a business owner or just somebody else, who’s consuming the content. Have you there’s a billion people, who’ve downloaded TikTok? So do you have TikTok on your phone? Currently? No. Thank you. I had it at some point me too. Well, when it was Musically, I had it when it was TikTok all right.