How To Build An Email List – A List Building Strategy using Youtube Sponship

Ok, so what I’m going to be showing you today is how we can use this video sponsoring technique to drive traffic to our opt in page and to get people to sign up to our email list. Now this is a very powerful strategy if you use it correctly like I’ve said, and it works extremely well for promoting your website and it works extremely well for getting people to sign up to your opt in, to your email list. Now what I’m going to be showing you today is a case study. I want to show you an example of something I’ve done in the past. Now this guy here is Aaron Marino and he owns a YouTube channel called AlphaMconsulting, if you get time, check it out. Basically he talks about men’s fashion, he talks about ways men can enhance their style. Now this fits perfectly into what I’m promoting, if you know more about me, I own a men’s fashion website, an e-commerce store, and I’ve actually used Aaron to promote my website and to promote my products in the past.

Now, what I did is I wanted to generate an email list. I wanted to generate some guys who were interested in style, interested in men’s fashion, and I wanted to get their email so I send them regular offers. Now what I did is I created a quick free e-book, I’m showing you the page here now, so this is my opt in page, it’s on my main site. You can see it’s called “The Definitive Guide to Timeless Style”, and it’s a basic 24 page e-book on ways you can enhance your style. And you basically get that sent to your email address as soon as you sign up.


So we all know what an opt in page looks like, this is mine. So what I then did is I got Aaron to create a small sponsorship, sending his viewers over to the opt in page to get them to sign up. Now what I’m going to show you know is the video sponsorship, just briefly, this is Aaron mentioning the website. “I absolutely love, and I am not getting anything from this, I just am very thrilled that I was able to find a…and design and help you make one… and scarves and hats and shirts and ties and stuff like that.

They are incredibly difficult to find, especially at a good price. There is a website that I have become very fond of, I’ve actually mentioned them before and some of you guys have checked out, it’s called, so if you click the….” Ok, so that’s just Aaron, recommending my website. He then goes on to talk about the e-book, on why they should sign up to get the free e-book and it’s basically a small, I think it lasts about 20 seconds.

A small 20 second review. A small 20 second recommendation shall I say. Then as you can see here, within the video you’ve got a link, that link goes off to my opt in page which I’ve just shown you. And then obviously people then can sign up and then they’re a part of my email list. Now the cool thing about this is and how powerful this sponsorship is Aaron, like I’ve said before, and loads of other people out there have YouTube channels have got huge authority over their subscribers and they’ve got huge authority over the people that check them out. This video was launched the 2nd of December 2011 and it’s got just over 18,000 views.

What I’m now going to show you is my email list, I want to show you the results. Take a look at this column here, this is date added. I created the email list 22nd November 2011. And all I did was put it up on my website and as you can see I had a few silly hits, I promoted it to one of my email lists as well. So as you can see down at the bottom, the 2nd of December, this is when the video went live.


What we’re going to do is scroll up now, keep an eye on this column here, so let me show you 100 results, ok keeping an eye on this date headed column here, you can see how many people have subscribed on the 2nd of December, so if you have a look down here, you can see how many people. So these, all these people that have subscribed from the 2nd of December.

Ok, that’s the first hundred, take a look at the second hundred, we’ve still got people, still going into the 3rd of December, take a look down this column yet again you can see there’s another hundred people that signed up within the 2nd and the 3rd of December. Again a hundred people, third, third, third, third, third of December, a few 4th’s of December, so that’s 300 people there, ok, within the space of 2 or 3 days. Now that’s quite good going, and I’m going to show you some traffic. So here is how many visitors I was getting a day as you can see, 270, 267, the 2nd of December, when the video went live, 881, 3rd of December 1,091 visitors. And basically what that is, is because people that have subscribed to Aaron’s YouTube channel will get a notification, so it might take a day for them to go check the video out. So you can see I’ve gone from 200 visitors, 270 visitors, to 1,091. Now, that fades out as you can see, it dies down.

And it’s the same with your email list; you’re going to get a lot of people sign up within the first few days because Aaron’s or whoever, the person that you’re sponsoring, their subscribers are going to take action because they’re subscribed to their channel because they trust them, they trust their recommendations. And as you can see, we’re still getting sign ups quite quickly, but as time goes on, let me filter out to the last few pages, you’ll see how it slows down. Take a look at this column, 24th, 12th. So the first few pages I was hitting about a hundred subscribes a day. And then as you can see here, it slows down. Similar to this traffic here. You get a big peak, a lot of sign ups and then it slowly gentles down.

But the good thing about this is this video’s still live, this video’s still getting hits and people are still subscribing from this video. The only technique that I’ve used to promote this opt in page is this sponsorship. I haven’t done anything else, and this list here, this targeted list, because these are all people that are watching a style video, a fashion video, I’ve now got 1,013 subscribers. Doesn’t sound a lot, but that’s just from one video. Imagine the amount of videos out on YouTube, the amount of videos you could sponsor, and you could generate a lot of subscribers to your email list. So that there is a very powerful technique. I wanted to show you that, so you don’t think that you can only use the sponsorship technique to promote your website or to promote an affiliate offer. There’s various different ways we can use this technique to generate people to sign up to our email list, to Like our Facebook page, to follow our Twitter page. There’s various other ways and I’m going to be showing them in a blog post below.

So hopefully, this video, this case study, this bit of proof has persuaded you to use the sponsorship technique when you’re generating some potential clients to your list. So hopefully this video has helped, and any questions leave a comment below and I’ll answer as quick as possible. Thank you..

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