5 tips for digital marketing success in 2019.

Hi guys you are watching Oksy Vlogs and today I want to share with you five tips for digital marketing success in 2019.

Tip number one: today every business can use influencer marketing it doesn’t matter what you sell and what you offer everyone can be an influencer today. We all publish something on social media you don’t need to be a celebrity to become an influencer and today brands prefer to work with smaller niche influencers rather than with people who have millions of followers, this way they make sure that they target authentic audience who is really interested in their product and services.

Tip number two is you need to win attention of your audience with live video. Today human attention is a very valuable resource there is so much information around us that it’s so difficult to stand, out so you need to start incorporating live videos into your marketing campaigns. But you need to understand that if you have nothing special to show better, don’t do a live video. The video should be at least 10 minutes long and you need to engage with your comments that people ask with consumers. Reply to their questions and you need to pay attention to the live audience and the replay audience and advertise video to both of them.


Tip Number 3: Start using purpose-driven marketing – don’t create content that just sells, you need to talk about some greater purpose, so choose your position show who you are. Use emotions to build relationship with your audience start movement of your community and continue building.

Tip Number 4: There are some special techniques that big brands like Apple and Google use so if you want to go bigger you need to start using them as well. The first one is go horizontal when you acquire a paid customer offer them a variety of products and services, then retain your customers by using a subscription model. Create interesting campaigns and leverage your CEO or Founder as a brand and optimize your marketing strategy for the four big tech companies – Amazon Google Apple and Facebook.

Tip number five if you don’t have sufficient funds for content creation don’t worry because today you can create great content on a budget. First of all you need to know your customers’ needs and goals. One of the best strategies to create content on a budget is to run a user-generated campaign because you will get free authentic and really engaging content. Today you can shoot great videos and photos just using your mobile phone so I advise you to identify trends via influencers on the buzzsumo platform and create relevant content.

So guys these are five digital marketing tips on how your brand can succeed in 2019.

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